Windowsills SLIM LINE


The ‘lightness of being’, in a nutshell – this is what SLIMLINE represents. Elegance which is undoubtedly reflected in the shape. With SLIMLINE, indoor windowsills move into the spotlight, and deservedly so.


  • Weather groove: 25 mm
  • Standard length: 5.5 m
  • Width: 100 to 500 mm, available as standard in 50 mm intervals
  • Can be provided joint-free with one or two-sided edge
Windowsills SLIM LINE


The following decors are currently available as Slimline:
Pure White, Weiß, Dark Slate, White Marmor, Brushed Silver

Any other decors upon request!


Windowsill ventilation profile

Windowsill ventilation profile

Side end caps, flush

Side end caps, flush

Side end caps shaped

Side end cap, shaped

Laminate strips

Laminate strips either cut (45 x 510 mm) or as a roll (25 m) (45 x 510 mm)