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Due to public holidays in Austria, our company is

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9th May to 10th May and 30th May to 31st May 2024

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Our Company

The name Topalit® represents exceptional product quality ‘Made in Austria’ along with inspiring tabletop and windowsill designs.

The basis for our success over the last 50 years has been a proven production process in which wood chips and resin paper films are pressed to form a joint-free, high pressure moulded part.

Production in Central Europe

Thanks to our production site in Austria – Central Europe – we are able to ship our goods within to the European market, using short transportation routes and correspondingly shortened delivery times.

Landkarte Europa mit Pfeilen in die Zielländer
Our Company

The flexible manufacturing procedure enables Topalit® to deliver its products rapidly and reliably.

We send the table tops and windowsills to our international customers on all continents. Our experts deal with the entire handling, including the passage through customs. Topalit® makes it possible.

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Three ranges to meet your requirements. Our tabletop ranges leave no wish unfulfilled and are the perfect answer to your needs.

Tabletop Smartline
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Highly abrasion-resistant, resistant to building moisture and available with attractive décors and surface structures – simple windowsills for life.

Topalit Windowsills


The versatile windowsill, also ideal for renovations