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The durable eye-catcher

Modern or classic. Elegant or extravagant. Topalit windowsills are the perfect solution for every installation setting and each customer's wishes. They are: ° high abrasion - resistant ° building-moisture resistant ° available in numerous designs. Thanks to our individual processing service, modern logistics and high supply availability, our windowsills are the n° 1 choice with construction companies and building owners alike.

Mono - an enduring classic

Highly resistant to abrasion and building moisture, rot-proof and provided with a decorative coating, the Mono system is an interior design classic. The windowsills have an edge height of 40 mm and come in standard lengths of 5.6 m. Widths range from 100 to 500 mm and are available in 50 mm intervals.

Mono can be supplied in two different finishes, with edging on one or both sides. The edges are jointless and coated.

Mono 1
Mono 2
Mono 40 1
Mono 40 2

Slimline - the new horse in the stable

Slimline combines all benefits of the Topalit windowsill to an outstanding product.

The windowsills have an edge height of 25 mm and a standard length of 5.6 m. As a standard they are available in widths from 100 to 500 mm in increments of 50 mm.

Slimline is jointless and available with one or two edges.

Slimline 1
Slimline 2
Slimline 25 1
Slimline 25 2

XD Surface

now all decors have our XD surface by standard

The colours shown on this website may deviate from the original tones..

More - masterly use of form

Today a windowsill is more than a constructional necessity, but an important design element. Topalit More will inspire you by an elegant style and blinds in three different heights. The standard length is 4.4 m, widths are available from 150 to 450 mm in increments of 50 mm.

Cutting to measure - other trim heights and individual cut-outs are possible on request.

More 1
More 2
More 3
More 70
More 100
More 140


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XD Surface
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