Topalit Windowsills

Decors & Surfaces

Distinclty individual

Our surface structures bestow your windowsills with an unmistakable feel and reflect the character of every room with style.

Glatt, seidenmatt (GS)
Feinhammerschlag (FH)
Feinstruktur Holz (FS)

Enduringly eye-catching

Traditional. Modern. Timeless.

Topalit windowsills fit in perfectly with every architectural style. However, the great variety of finishes is not only superficially attractive: Easy care, durability and insensitivity to common household acids make Topalit a particularly enduring eye-catcher!

Our decors:

0220 Tilia Tree
0222 Atacama Cherry
0231 Dark Slate
0406 Pure White
0001 Weiss
0006 Wenge
0011 Beech
0021 Brushed Silver
0056 Cremeweiss
0070 White Marmor
0074 Anthracite
0080 Travertin
0219 Oak
0247 Golden Oak
0245 Light Grey
0252 Dark Grey


Topalit GmbH

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Phone: +43 (0) 7675 2411-0
Fax: +43 (0) 7675 2413-42

Product Benefits

Made in Austria
XD Surface
Environmentally friendly

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