Windowsill Line MONO


A classic which is consistent and promises to deliver what it represents: environmentally-friendly design paired with functionality. MONO is pressed in one piece and like all our indoor windowsills, it impresses with its resistance to building moisture.


  • Weather groove: 40 mm
  • Standard length: 5.5 m
  • Width: 100 to 500 mm, available as standard in 50 mm intervals
  • Can be provided joint-free with one or two-sided edge
  • Ideal for renovations
windowsill Line MONO


Windowsill ventilation profile

Windowsill ventilation profile

Side end caps, flush

Side end caps, flush

Side end caps shaped

Side end caps, shaped

Laminate strips

Laminate strips either cut (45 x 510 mm) or as a roll (25 m) (45 x 510 mm)