Topalit Tabletops

Made in Austria

Our commitment to quality right from the start begins with the selection of the correct materials. Topalit tabletops are made from Austrian wood and possess exceptionally high resin content. The highly compacted core material ensures the proven Topalit quality and optimal levels of moisture resistance.

Our perfected production process now makes the surface even more scratch resistant and durable.all decors have our XD surface by standard.

The Shapes




Topalit Smartline tabletops have a design protection available.
These are protected by registered Community design: 002186981 – 0001 to 0016 and 002093690 – 0001 to 0014.

Tischplatten Smartline 001
Tischplatten Smartline 002
Tischplatten Smartline 003
Tischplatten Smartline 004
Tischplatten Smartline 005

All Classical shapes - Overview (1 MB)



Topalit tabletops are adapted in shape and size to suit your individual circumstances and preferences.

The choice is yours!

Tischplatten Zierringe
Tischplatten Classicline 002
Tischplatten Classicline 003
Tischplatten Classicline 004

All Classical shapes - Overview (1 MB)

Compactline ECO

Compactline ECO

The COMPACTLINE impresses with a modern and elegant design. Various edge shapes possible.

Available in a selection of Topalit® decors. Other decors on request.


All Classical shapes - Overview (1 MB)

Stools and School Tabletops

Multipurpose top

So versatile

Especially durable and attractive. Long-lasting, created to offer many generations of users an ideal work surface. These tabletops are used in schools, hospitals or laboratories.


Tischplatten Classicline


Stool – individually matching with the tabletop or combined in exciting ways

School table

So that students and teachers always find the perfect workplace. Regardless of whether it is used as a writing or crafting desk, Topalit is always the optimal, absolutely robust and low-maintenance solution in everyday school life. With extra hard surface, upon request!


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Product Benefits

Made in Austria
XD Surface
Environmentally friendly

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